What Our Team Does For You

Our team provides expertise in office integration, patient education, and billing support so that we can offer unparalleled service and support to your clinic and your patients.

Our goal is always patient AND practice success.

We provide training and support to your office staff with a group of trained professionals who contact patient insurances to verify details of coverage.
We provide support, training and all necessary documentation for submission of billing and for rebate compliance.
We provide instruction and support for the billing staff to help them submit billing and reimbursement documentation accurately.
BioLab Sciences offers a product reimbursement guarantee. If reimbursement is denied after collective attempts to receive payment, BioLab will replace the product used at no cost to the clinic.
We provide educational tools and materials in both digital and in-office formats for educating your patients about BioLab products.
We partner with 3rd party groups that specialize in patient outreach via multiple channels such as direct mail, online, and social mediums to help you introduce and educate new and existing patients to your clinic.

Meet Our Team

Meet our team of science, medical, and business professionals, as well as patient advocates so that we stay informed on both provider AND patient needs.

  • Graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in marketing.
  • 22 years of marketing and business experience
  • Owned and operated 7 different companies
  • Comes from 3 generations of family practice ownership
Natalyn O. Lewis
  • Over 30 years of marketing and sales experience
  • Owned and operated 3 different companies
  • Over 20 years of real estate development and venture capital
Mike Webb
  • Graduated from The University of Tennessee
  • Practices in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Integrative and regenerative medicine provider with focus on non-narcotic pain management
Avery Weida, N.P.
  • Functional Medicine and non-narcotic pain management
  • 25 years operating businesses in various industries
  • Sales and Marketing Healthcare Food and Nutrition
Brent Bingham